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1. slang for hi

2. use to get someones attention

3. used in place of a persons name
"ayyo, whats up"

"Ayyo, Mark come here!!"
by mimo January 18, 2004
Stepping on a Black Mans Timberlands

(FYI.The leading cause of death in america)
Blackguy-Oh no you didnt scuff my timberlands....you gonna die!!!
by MiMo May 27, 2003
A person, usually a women who has takeing violte crime into hand and its usually the girlfriend of a thug hense thuggette.
Ok my little thuggette. u come with ur thug daddy bitch
by Mimo January 04, 2004
marijuana, black shit to make a spliff, if the spliff is packed with strong hash u could end up hangin onto the toilet with a whitey!
relaxed, got the muchies n the giggles! hehe
by mimo May 06, 2004
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