20 definitions by milkshake

Where several guys see how many dicks you can put in a girl.
We are doing some pussy play and we need two dicks for each nostril
by milkshake March 26, 2005
An immensly gay band, that is overplayed. To make this wose ever since their new gay "american idiot" album came out people always play those two dumb, repititive, pop songs. And they are unpatriotic they arnt even democrats they are just pop stars
I vote for Kerry, that is why I hate green day.

What is this boulevard of whatever the fuck they are complaining about is on the radio again!!!! gooddddaaammmiittt!!!
by milkshake March 26, 2005
The lone star state, a state with a soul of a nation. A state that doesnt give a fuck what yankees, hicks from colorado, or faggs from Califronia think. The population of Texas is on the rise. This states economy is in boom. So all the dumb teenyboppers from boring states that watch queer mtv and think their real smart better shut the fuck up. George Bush is embarrasing and a dumbass so fuck him and dont stereotype us. Texas is on the rise so as for those other states we dont give a fuck!
Stereotyping is a sign of ignorance.

Howdy! I am from Texas and I make big motherfucking bucks!

I am Texan before american!
by milkshake February 15, 2005
An actor who has stared in many movies. He has a strange hobby of watching people poop.
good lord, one day I was taking a shit and I saw that jeff goldblum was staring at me through the window. I went out to see what the fuck his problem was. He got away but has been stalking me ever since

by milkshake January 21, 2005
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