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A very very hot girl, or Internet porn.
ex1 dude that chick is prono!!

ex2 what are you downloading, prono?
by mikeybear September 26, 2006
used to talk to friends, or to insult somebody, a cheed is a very very large chode.
ex1 hey dude or "hey cheed"
ex2 your a fucking cheed
ex3 you have a cheed
ex4 theres a cheed in my closet
by mikeybear September 26, 2006
something gross, discusting, or an ugly person.
ex1 somebody SHIT ON THE COATS, BLARGA!!!

ex2 oh fuck that chicks a blarga
by mikeybear September 26, 2006
Exactly Like A Cheed ,But with the addition of a monstrous amount of hair. AKA Bush, Afro, Mop.
EX1 (in the locker room)
Dude You have a hairy cheed! shave that shit!

Michelle wouldn't have sex with him because he wouldn't shave his hairy cheed.
by Mikeybear February 13, 2008
Turkish Is used to Describe a bad or stressful moment in ones life, it has multiple meanings.
Damn dude that last counter strike match was Turkish!

School Is fucking Turkish I don't want to go.

-Turkish can also be used to describe things that are boring

I sat home all day on saturday, It was a Turkish Day.
by Mikeybear February 13, 2008
A Turk is a widely used word. It can Be used to describe somebody who is being annoying, an asshole, someone who resembles a terrorist, Or a backstabber.

also used are - Turkish, Turkish Bastard, Cheedish Turk.
Harrison won't stop talking to my Girlfriend, I hate that fucking Turk!

Dave came to my house and ate all my food, what a turk!
by Mikeybear February 13, 2008
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