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1,000,000 dollars.

One million dollars has 6 zeros after the one, and some rappers use the term 6 zeros to say that they are making millions.
Yo dawg i got 6 zeros back at my crib
by mikey661 November 20, 2012
A person who is a part of a larger "gang" who believes smoking weed, doing drugs, murdering people, and breaking the law is cool and thug, they should think about that once they are in jail.
"If I had bad diarrhea, and i raised that diarrhea as my own child, and if I beat it, and that little piece of shit dropped out of high school, then it would become a modern day Gangster. I would rather stick my dick into a ceiling fan" -Franku Senpai, Future King of the Web.
by mikey661 September 11, 2013
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