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Slang term for sex. Also, an english Oi!/Punk band.
Whats all that moaning? Sounds like someones doing the business...
by mikey misconduct January 22, 2004
1980s anarcho punk bandm still around today. Known for such songs as "increase the pressure" and "the positive junk". The system maintains... Law And Order through the land
Whats a better conflict record? Its time to see whos who or the first standard issue collection
by mikey misconduct January 22, 2004
Gore-drentched Lucio Fulci film about an Island full of the living dead. Considered to be one of the greatest horror films of all time.
I was really suprised that blockbuster carried zombie, but it had that 'youth restricted' sticker on it.
by mikey misconduct January 22, 2004
1980s horror epic about Duane Bradley and his deformed, slab or meat brother named Belial that he carries around in a wicker basket. The 2 brothers (once attaches as seimese twins at the side) go to New York city in order to kill the doctors who seperated them. One of the sickest, funniest movies ever made. Basket Case 2, and Basket Case 3: The Progeny followed.
I saw Basket Case last night, it made me laugh until I puked.
by mikey misconduct January 22, 2004
Deformed killed in the 1980's horror flick Basket Case. Belial was formerly a seimese twin, attatched to his brother, Duane. As a child, they were sperated and now that Belial has grown older, he seeks to murder the doctors who performed the operation that separted him and his brother.
Damn, Belial is fucking awesome. Did you see how he stuck surgical instruments into that girls face?
by mikey misconduct January 22, 2004

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