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No that's wrong. xanax is made in a few different doses. The small round ones that are peach in color are called peaches. The slightly larger dose which is blue in color and looks like a smaller version of midol (football shaped) is a football. The largest dose which is white and rectangular is called a bar. All are loosely called xanxa-cookies.
dude 1: Want some xanxa-cookies?
dude 2: Whatchoo got? Peaches, footballs, bars?
by mikewin September 09, 2010
The amount of friends one has.
Joe pissed me off so I had to scratch him from my friendventory.
by mikewin September 08, 2010
The most prominent motherfucker.
Of all the motherfuckers in the world... you are the motherfuckerest.
by mikewin September 09, 2010
Male. To ejaculate in a place other than a vagina.
Did you see Ashley? I'm puttin' her straight in the spank bank and using her for spillin' seed.
by mikewin September 09, 2010
An Arkansan at home in the swamps. One that speaks duck more fluently than a duck and could shoot a horsefly in the eye at a hundred yards. Also, devestatingly handsome and cooler than the internet.
Have you ever hunted with Mike? Man, that dude is one ArkansasSloughboy!!
by mikewin September 08, 2010
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