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A unit of money in the new world order. Replacement of the dollar. Universal cash based upon need rather than value or capacity of work.
Example 1.

Leroy to cashier: How much for the pack of smokes, fifth of Mad Dog, two condoms, bag of cheese curls, roll of toilet paper, and this broken steak knife.

Cashier: 22 Obamas and 48 cents.

Leroy: I only have 5 Obamas.

Cashier. Ok. Would you like paper or plastic?

Example 2.

Patti's welfare check was increased from 1,500 Obamas to 5,000 Obamas when she enrolled herself in the country's stimulus program and bought a new BMW.
by mikeverdill June 06, 2009
A half-way house for strippers. A business chain that allows females to promote their bodies for tips based upon tits, but clothed.

Hooters Restaurant is a safe haven for strippers who found religion, but want to remain in the 'tips for tits' business. Also, allows females to experiment if their sweater monkeys are marketable to go clothed free.
There goes single mom Helen to work at Hooters Restaurant to support her three children. She found religion and quit dancing naked. She now wears a belly shirt, shorts and carries chicken wings and beer in her cleavage for tips.
by mikeverdill August 18, 2009
Pizza. Generally a thin crust pizza with multiple layers of cheese and puddles of grease randomly found across the pizza.
Ryan was famished when he got done planting corn and making sausage and had a strong desire for one of Sarah's famous grease slappers, but first he had to clean the pig excrement from his shoes.
by mikeverdill June 10, 2009
The offspring of multiple mixed minority races. In particular, Hispanics, Blacks and Asians. Generally found as the third generation.
Reggie, a Black man, met Ching Lee, an Asian woman, at a yard sale, where they hooked-up. Ching Lee got knocked-up by Reggie and had a Black-Asian baby named Billy Ray. Years later, while in Junior High, Billy Ray met Maria, a Puerto Rican, in the restroom of the public library and knocked her up. Their baby boy, Malcolm, has the genetics of being Hisblasian.
by MIKEVERDILL June 05, 2009
The term used by your employer for you to move on to better things. Typically, a jovial statement by your employer that you have been fired. The signal word for you to look for another job or to enroll yourself in welfare.
Ken: Billy, what are you doing here in the cheese line? I thought you were solid cleaning toilets at the diner and washing dishes!

Billy: My boss told me to getpacken when he found me washing dishes in the toilet and eating the scraps.
by mikeverdill June 22, 2009
A term used to describe an individual who has succeeded in expanding his or her waistline to the point that the neck, chest and waist appears as one body part. Typically can be found sitting, eating, smoking, drinking, and eating.

The Blotus considers defecating as physical exercise. A Blotus is fond of infomercials and is a fan of the late Billy Mays and Tony Little. Multiple number of Blotus's (aka herd) are usually referenced as a Bloti. Typical clothing for the Blotis is workout clothing with expandable waist.
Bill, I am sorry you had to come to the party by yourself, but you are in luck... there are a couple of female Blotus's at the buffet table that you can score with. Just make sure you rub your body down with butter before introducing yourself.
by mikeverdill August 17, 2009
A color associated with waste matter. More typical, association of a stain that can be traced back to poor personal hygiene. Many times, one would use the term brown or in the plural sense, browns, as describing a poorly performing professional football team.
Bill: Whoa! I'll never do your laundry again as I spied brown stains in your underpants!

Frank: I know, funny isn't it, sort of reminds you of the Cleveland Browns. Did my underwear smell as bad as the Browns play?

Bill: No, not that bad.
by mikeverdill June 22, 2009

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