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A more academic English translation of the Spanish word "cojones", that originally stood for testicles, two spheric glands part of the reproductive system of males, also commonly known as balls.

To have testicular fortitude is to show strength, courage and sagacity in challenging situations. The story of how strength and courage is related to two nuts encased in shriveled skin hanging from between a man’s legs is a fascinating story that i don't have the time to go into right now.
You can’t win with reserve and lassitude
And you can’t face the unforgiving multitude
Without the manly trait of testicular fortitude
by mikesoussan May 02, 2008
Originally a constellation located between Scorpius and Sagittarius and that was recently added as a new zodiacal sign, making it the 13th. The word is now being used as an expletive, reflecting the deep existential upheaval experienced by many who have seem their horoscopic certainties thrown off-kilter.
you go ophiuchus yourself, or ophiuchus me!, or you are full of ophiucus or what the ophiuchus are doing here!
by mikesoussan January 17, 2011
Baltajia, plural of baltaji, also baltaguia, in its Egyptian intonation. The word was made popular in the Arab protests of 2011 in Tunisia and Egypt. It is thought to be of Turkish origin, meaning "weapon wielding thug".

Baltajia has come to reference any group of rubble rousing individuals that infiltrate an otherwise peaceful protest for sabotaging or other more menial purposes. The baltajia can either be for hire for political aims, or just plain street thugs whose only goal is to loot and plunder.
There was a first wave of peaceful and thoughtful protesters which was then followed by a stone wielding horde of baltajia. That was the time when all hell broke loose.
by mikesoussan March 08, 2011
A sotticism is a statement that denotes lack of judgement and wit. It possibly originates from the French word "sottise" which means incongruent, stupid, trifle idea or action.
Saying that ones religion is the only true one is a sotticism that only a one-eyed, one-minded, one-sided and one lame of a leg person can possibly sustain.
by mikesoussan March 18, 2008
Pocestors are for our future what ancestors are for our past. It stems from Mike Soussan's theory that modern humans are a sort of holographic interference pattern of an object beam made by the past (ancestors) and a reference beam made of the future (pocestors).
Extraterrestrials may be our pocestors and those who say they have seen aliens may not be simply crazy. For in the same manner that some shamans receive intimations of our ancestral past, so can other people with the same kind of sensitivity capture similar vibrations from our pocestors and pocestral future. The future, as some may have been conditioned to believe, is not an empty vacuum but is teeming with life, a life that has a lot to do with us.
by mikesoussan January 04, 2010
Pronounced de-being-ify. It is to deny someone or something's beingness and immanent persona. Objectifying it, dismissing it as trite or inconsequential. Also, dehumanizing, defining people (and nature) in utilitarian, mechanistic terms.
It is much easier to humans to prey, murder and rape when they first debeingify the victim, as it was done in Nazi Germany and Ruwanda.

Corporations have debeingified nature, treating it as a mere object, thus legitimizing their rape of it.
by mikesoussan December 03, 2010
Verb – to fib. To be harmonically proportionate in face or body features. Fib could also stand for rapid, exponential growth.

Fib is short for Fibonacci Series, a series of numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34,....) that show constantly in nature and appear to underlie all processes of organic growth.
ex 1: She is not exactly a supermodel but she surely fibs.

ex 2: He is a moron but his career is fibbing.
by mikesoussan April 24, 2008

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