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Very stupid; extremely stupid; not having much intelligence.
Little Cindy is hella stupid if she thinks I'm going to pay her $20/hr. for sitting on her ass.
by mikeg.com October 10, 2002
1. Quality of uncleanliness; dirty.
2. A whore, tramp, or slut.
Here comes that stanky ho again. Look the other way.
by mikeg.com October 10, 2002
Car bomber who blows themselves up and harms nobody else in the process.
Another drive by suicide today as a palestinian terrorist set off his carbomb early, resulting in his own death but none others.
by mikeg.com October 10, 2002
Pet name for one who is stank.
Come here, stanky poo. Time to ride your daddy!
by mikeg.com October 10, 2002

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