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2 definitions by mike hunt is warm

1. A renowned band.

2. When you let one rip in your pants and one of your hard nuggets cuts the inside of your anus(Your colon), and your ass bleeds really bad.
This is usually very visible, and everyone will know when it happens, and trust us, it WILL happen.
Last night at the club I made a bloody fart in my pants while I was grinding this chick, she totally ran away.
by mike hunt is warm November 18, 2006
When a woman gets around to her time of the month, she keeps her menstrual spillage in a pitcher and puts it in the fridge. The next time she has sexual intercourse, she shares it with her partner as a tasty treat.
Dude, Veronica totally hosted a bloody russian last night, it was fucking disgusting.
by mike hunt is warm November 18, 2006