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Statement made my a lot of people on the internet lately considering soy not to be a "health food", as it is generally accepted, but rather a very dangerous product that can ruin your health.

Probably just a scam to discredit the soy industry which is very big.
Bob: Dr Mercola says that soy is unhealthy.
Joe: I don't know, but I wouldn't discredit soy right away. It's an important food for vegetarians because it contains over 50% protein.
by mihai_alexandru73 June 29, 2009
1) a statement describing the current state of the gaming industry
2) a website on the internet: www.videogamessuck.tk
1) Video gaming really sucks man, wtf is it with all these bad games being released!

2) Hmm... this website I found here called Video Games Suck sucks even worse than the video games themselves! The irony!
by mihai_alexandru73 September 28, 2009

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