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turbocharger used by toyota to power the 3sgte and 7mgteu.the ct26 used to power the 4cyl engines are a twin wastegate flap to take advantage of the pulsing nature of 4cyl engines.the ct26 for the 7mgteu is a single wastegate flap design.Can be highflowed (larger internal compressor wheel and back cut exhaust wheel) to increase power.
I have a hiflo ct26 with a to4e front wheel and a clipped exhaust wheel
by miggles January 22, 2005
A Australian staple high in vitamine B.it is like a black/brown thick paste that is the leftovers of the brewing beer process.Salty to taste and is usually spread on bread,crackers or other savouries.Australia's version of peanut butter.
The name of a person who continualy eats vegimite in a bread roll day in/day out.This is the person who introduced me to frank gelati
hey vegimite,hows frank goin?
by miggles January 22, 2005
Largest car manufacturer in japan and is the ONLY one still owned by Toyota
Btw the Zero fighters used in perl harbour are infact mitsubishi's.In australia mitsubishi bought out chrysler
oh what a feeling...TOYOTA!!
by miggles January 22, 2005
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