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This word stems from a Mexican endearment which is used to define 3 things as follows:

1. a baby bottle
2. a baby blanket
3. to sleep

Definition #3 is used more frequently for this word.
I need to get to meemees.
Have a good meemees, AKA!
Oh man...I need to get to meemeeslandia, I'm tired.
by mierduka August 01, 2007
1. Beyond expectation in awesomeness.
2. fuck + fabulous
You are simply fucktabulous!
by mierduka August 01, 2007
This word is very common in Mexico and used as a descriptive word for the following:

1. To eat, hear, play, drink, talk, do "shit"
2. Shit
I had so much mierduka last night that I desperately need some meemees, dude.

Did you hear that mierduka show last night on AKAradio? It was hysterical!

I think Taco Bell serves utter mierduka.

by mierduka August 01, 2007

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