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4 definitions by midnite><OG

anyhting that would be considered an appetizer that is eaten after you have already finished your meal.

example - chips
hey john, im still hungry do you have any after aps?
by midnite><og April 19, 2007
to be iced out. to have much jewlery on.
me and john were blingin(g) a the club last night
by midnite><og April 19, 2007
the ghetto shortification of "ApoloGIZE", hence the Gize. much like Preesh = appreciate.
pronounciation - J-eye-ze.
"Gize for taking your parking spot this morning"
by midnite><OG March 10, 2008
AKA bruski. bro, dude, broseph, man, friend.
"hey BRUSKY, can u pass me the ketchup???"
by midnite><OG September 20, 2007