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A sea vessel that a bro invites his bros on.
Often used for fishing or broing out, it can also be the location of a bro-ha-ha.
Bro: Hey brah, want to come on my broboat tonight?
Brah: Chyeah bro, I'll get the Natural Ice!
Brody: How bromantic.
by midgetgundy March 26, 2007
A regalia affair, similar to a brew ha ha.
Although bringing beer is allowed, guests are encouraged to bring a bro or two.

Some bro-ha-has result in a bromance.
Bro: Hey bro, you going to the bro-ha-ha at Jeff's place?
Brody: Already have the Natural Ice in the fridge for it! Have any extra Axe body spray by chance?
by midgetgundy March 26, 2007

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