5 definitions by micromollusc

A weird child thats a bit scary!
That creepy boy with the stary blue eyes looked like a Sominoose!

The word was first used by my niece and comes from latin chanting used in horror films. "Somnus Deus....." etc.
by micromollusc July 08, 2005
You're really cool and special - usually used in a romantic way between two lovers
Hey Gary, you're the beast and I love you
by micromollusc July 08, 2005
An object that is personally special and pleasing in a unique way.
Those nesting beautifully crafted wooden boxes, the smallest containing a tiny carved animal were the most squidgy things I had ever seen!
by micromollusc July 08, 2005
Dirty and smelly, unwashed and scruffy
That girl with the greasy hair looks really cootie

This word was passed on to me by a friend who lived in Essex, England and is used in that area.
by micromollusc July 08, 2005
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