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a person or group of people who are all talk and is usually avoiding some confrontations and situations AKA a pussy or chicken
look at that busta ass fool , always talking shit
by michael April 25, 2005
a person who sees the synchronicity in coincidence, usually through the repeated observance of the time and number, 11:11 (1111), though other numbers can be substituted for fixation.

a member of a growing phenomenon of people who fixate on the number 11:11, while believing it fixates on them. usually starts as a personal obsession, before finding out they are not alone in their number preference, or its preference for them.
"i keep seeing 11:11 on the clock!"
by michael December 15, 2004
2pac - the greatest rapper ever he is without doubt the best black spkesman in history he was a great man he cared for people while maintaining his thug image released many great albums and did many good films wrote great poems and he did not think every white person was a racist he is a great in the hip hop and acting world he is number 1
2pac is the greatest rapper ever
by michael May 15, 2003
World's largest city known for wealth, poverty, and it's history. The main place in Mexico that has civilized culture.
Polanco in Mexico City was very chic.
by Michael October 25, 2003
Fear of long words.
Imagine the diagonosis...:

Doctor: Well son, we found out what you have...

Patient: Yes, doctor?

Doctor: You have Sesquipedalophobia.

Patient: Holy shit! That's a long ass word! I'm fucking scared and I'm going to go kill myself!

Doctor: Damn, I can NEVER get thru that damn diagonosis with ANYBODY. SHIT!
by Michael April 17, 2004
A person who posts trying to:
-act like more than one person
-bump a thread

This could happen in the following:
-IM applications
-blog comments
1. That person keeps samefagging on AIM.
2. Look at that samefag agreeing to his own post!
by Michael November 15, 2009
East Cobb is a part of Cobb County in Marietta, Georgia. Contrary to popular belief from people not from around Atlanta, East Cobb is not in Atlanta. it is a beautiul, wealthy suburban area just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. East Cobb is known as the "rich" part of Cobb County.
trashy gwinnett girl: That girl is such an East Cobb snob!
by Michael February 20, 2005

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