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when a wedgie is so hard that it leaves a mark
brett: did you see joe he totally got a wedgiewound from kyle the other day!
michael: i know! it is going to take surgery to remove that thing!!
by michael:] May 02, 2009
OMGILA: oh my god its like awesome

spelling: oh-my-god-eye-el-aye
bill: hey that roller coaster looks so cool
bob: omgila, i rode it yesterday
bull: i know right!
by michael:] May 06, 2009
when you are so bored for so long you have already looked up all your favorite videos/songs on youtube that you know so you are desperately looking for something new.
Tom: I was on youtube all mourning i think im out-tubed!
Jim: WOAH, man, take it easy, here i got a video for ya, jas
by michael:] May 03, 2009
when a girl is in love with edward from twilight, girls who are not in love with him, or guys who just think its weird will call her a edwardfreak, or for short E-freak.
brett: hey did you see samantha today?
Mike: yeah she is such and E-FREAK
brett: edwardfreaks will rule the world one day.. i know it...
Mike: WTF?!?!
by michael:] May 02, 2009
hia = heard it already
usually when people, want to show you a song that they think they found or heard first
tim: OMG listen to the song i kissed a girl I bet you havnt heard it
tom: hia
by michael:] May 03, 2009
means: i won't guess
taylor: guess what i'm thinking!
sam: IWG taylor
by michael:] May 03, 2009
definition 1:
short for ituned out and means you have listened to the same songs/song for a long time on itunes that you are sick of it and need a new song

definition 2:
when you suddenly space out and go to the TW (twilight zone(a place where you suddenly can't think of anything but one thing for a shot period of time. usually not what you should be thinking of)) but this is for a longer period of time.
example 1:
jeff: i am ITO dude, i need a song, any suggestions?

mike: no, not one.

example 2:
brett: ITO, for like 15 minutes during science to day, what are we supposed to do for homework?
sierra: we didn;t have homework
brett: oh
by michael:] May 03, 2009

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