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Someone who is a complete fag and has extremely hairy fore arms. An insult in almost every way possible.
Dude when was the last time you shaved?
your starting to look like Tyau
by metallballer February 05, 2008
A recently discovered greek sex goddess. Pictured as half human and half fish for her elite swimming skills. Attracts many males and females with her slick wet body. Commonly confused with a mermaid but the difference is Taiana can shape shift and trick her prey. A very wise and tricky creature, not to be tampered with.
"dude i think i just saw taiana"
"nah that was little mermaid"
by metallballer January 06, 2009
A female hobo, usually found taking a crap on the side of the road.
Look that hobonite is crapping on that car parked by the side walk!!!
by metallballer January 28, 2008
a man who makes orgasm noises to the point of turning purple. he lives in online forums and enjoys driving people crazy. he also is usually found 69ing a fake stuffed turtle. also can be used as a verb such as "I just jareded that turtle" and insult. EXTREMELY GAY
youve been spending alot of time on those forums lately, your starting to turn into a jared.
by metallballer February 05, 2008

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