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Some douche in my neighborhood who dresses like a bro and his name is Samuel so basically its a combination of the two. This term can be used for any Bros that are gay much like this one.

Dude did Bromuel get back from Glamis yet, I heard he sucked some guys dick there.
by meowth May 25, 2008
you have a fetish of fucking cats, or things that look like cats.
Studly Cat 1: MEOW
Whorish Slut Cat 2: Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Studly Cat 1: Meow meow, meeeeowww! purr purr
Whorish Slut Cat 2: Purr meow purr purr.

<cat fetish sex>
by MEOWTH February 29, 2012

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