4 definitions by mengis

The act of defecating into any cavity or crevice on the human body, and then proceding to have sexual intercourse with this area.

IE. Oral Poop Jay, Vaginal Poop Jay, Axillary Poop Jay, and Anal Poop Jay

See also alabama hot pocket
I gave Jane an anal poop jay.
by mengis September 01, 2006
Another word for 'leaves falling on you'. A conjunction of tree and peef.
Dude, I just got treefed on in the forest.
by mengis August 30, 2006
Any fur or hair expelled from a mammal onto a shirt, commonly dark in color.
That cat just peefed on me!
by mengis August 30, 2006
A concjunction between emo and homo.

An person of the emo persuasion who also happens to be gay.
Tyler is such a hemo bitch.
by mengis August 30, 2006

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