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Coarse slang term for the female labia (inner or outer).

Also: Wizard's sleeve, piss-flaps etc.
Look at the cuntflaps on that girl! You would lose your arm in there!
by Menace December 01, 2004
the sound made by the glass door in Goldeneye64's Bunker level
by Menace November 04, 2003
dats wats up hell yea
yo u got da new jordans haitte
by menace April 22, 2005
HAH is a form of laughter used when someone is all out of control, the volume and extremeness of the laughter can be devided into several levels, starting with 1; a whispering HAH, up to 6, where the person laughing is all out of control and drools and spits while laughing insanely.
it's a form of "laughter" which uses the very deepest sound your voice can descent to, thus making it impossible for women to do, and making it hard for young boys.
A kid is running past smaller kids with his football, thinking he's very talented; he starts laughing in a weird way with short bursts.
by Menace November 03, 2003
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