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used to describe a state of NO SEX! or so says 16 year old boys who do no realise that the correct word is, in fact, celebate
I bet you i can stay celebant for 4 months! actually make that 3
by melodious-joy September 16, 2006
short for Queer Dogg. please note this is NOT a refference to homosexual dogs in any way. the aim is not to descriminate! it is simply an easy way of letting someone know that their beahviour is out of line.
usually refers to 'bogan'-like behaviour, ridiculous overuse of the words: cunt, man and decent.
"what would you do if you were doing some chick at a party and the next day she starts txting ya being all: fuck me in the ass, have a 3some with me. and shit..?"

*cough* QD *cough*
by melodious-joy September 19, 2006
the absolute shit. basically prime but with some kind of nonsensical, year 11 Maths A refference, which is neither understood nor appreciated by anyone subscribing to the increasingly popular QD lifestyle.
"got me some nice cinnamon facial scrub the other day..."

"you fo real? thats PRIME MERIDIAN!!"
by melodious-joy September 19, 2006

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