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A synonym for Cleveland. Mostly heard locally, Thieveland transcends racial barriers and is used by Blacks and Whites alike. (Whether or not it has anything to do with the fact that everybody in this town gets their car stolen at least once, we may never know.)
A. "Hey lady where you from?"
B. "Thieveland, mothafucka! 216, straight from the 'Wood!"
by mellowcheddar February 06, 2007
What you say when you are in a group of 2 or more people and someone else asks for a volunteer to do something lame. The last person to say it is stuck with the task/ duty/ whatever.

Bob and his brother Joe are hanging out. Mom walks into the room...

Mom: "Boys, I need someone to pick up the dogshit."
Bob: "123 not it!"
Joe: "Aw fuck."
by mellowcheddar June 03, 2007
Tr00 as in for real, blacker than black, eviler than evil,
Kvlt as above,
Metal, heavy metal music, chiefly Black Metal.

To sum it up, Black Metal that is not phony.
Emo Dork: "Wow, I love Immortal. That's some Tr00 Kvlt Metal right there."
Black Metal Dude: Go away, poser, and let me listen to some Gorgoroth"
by mellowcheddar October 14, 2008
An Ebonic term for Parmesian Cheese. Likely refers to the fact that one sprinkles it on their pizza.
Pizza Dude: That'll be $10 for your pizza, sir.
Tyrone: Did you put the sprinkle cheese in there?
Pizza Dude: I'm sorry?
Pizza Girl: The Parmesian cheese, Dude, he wants Parmesian cheese.
Tyrone: Yeah, yeah... Sprinkle Cheese.
by mellowcheddar December 27, 2007
To make a u-turn while driving. Sometimes, but not always, used to illustrate that said u-turn is risky or illegal.
Husband: "O.K., make a right here."
Wife: "You fuckwad, why do you always tell me when I'm right on top of the turn!"
Husband: "Well you know where it is bla bla bla"
Wife: "Oh shut up, now I have to bust a U right here on Euclid Avenue."
by mellowcheddar August 18, 2007
A synonym for Kind Bud. Marijuana of exceptionally high quality.
I felt kind of stupid at that party last night when it was my turn to roll one. Everybody there had kibbers and all I had was mersh.
by Mellowcheddar January 21, 2007
Generally used as an exclamatory phrase, urging the person hearing it to revel in the moment and enjoy themselves as much as possible.
Patty: "Wow man, this is fun!"
Laura: "Whoo-hoo, party til you puke!"
by mellowcheddar August 18, 2007

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