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That sense when you're driving an automobile other than your own (and enjoying it) that you are cheating on your car. This feeling of guilt and cheating intensifies exponentially when contemplating/financing/purchasing a new vehicle and reaches it height as you see your trade-in getting smaller in the new car's rearview mirror.
Dude 1: "Dude! You got that new Jeep! Niiiiiiicce!!!"
Dude 2: "Oh man... I love this car but I feel like SUCH an autulteror."


Woman parks new car all the while avoiding looking directly at old car parked in driveway which she has not driven in awhile (and frankly hasn't missed). She pats it on the hood with a grimace and mumbled apology because she feels like she's committing autultery with the new, nicer car.
by mel268 January 31, 2010
The act of searching medical websites to match real or imagined symptoms in oneself or ones friends and family. This automatically makes the searcher a medical expert and this person is usually known for their hypochondriac tendencies and uncanny abilities to drive you nuts.
Woman A: (cough) "I'm not feeling so hot."

Woman B: "Do you have shortness of breath and a fever?"

Woman A: "Mayyyybe.... I feel a little warm..."

Woman B: "Let me do some internet diagnosing on WebMD....Oh my god!! You have Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis! We've gotta get you to the emergency room!"
by mel268 July 06, 2010
Another name for Toyota's version of Jeep, the FJ Cruiser. Also known as a Jeep wtih a vagina.
He really wanted a Jeep, but his wife overruled and now he's stuck driving a VajayJeep.
by mel268 September 21, 2010

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