58 definitions by megnao flimpis

An order preparatory to doing a repetition of push-ups, usually punitive.
Corporal Bohannon, drop and give me 50.
by megnao flimpis July 28, 2003
Aussie slang on a clothing optional beach.
G'day, mate...any g'nude sheila's to root for?
by megnao flimpis July 25, 2003
PCB, a carcinogenic chemical that can cause genetic mutations.
Yo, Bubba...yo mamma aroun' a buncha polychlorinatedbiphenols in her third trimester befo' you was born?
by megnao flimpis July 06, 2003
See: weltanschlong not weltangschlong (sic).
Bubba regarded his global size morning erection with awe and lightheadedness..."That is some kind of weltanschlong", he mused.
by megnao flimpis August 05, 2003
Seperated, cataloged or arranged.
Bubba got dumped by Gerraldean and it made him feel like dog poop, so he got a case of Old Milwaukee at the Groovin' Noovin'...beer always helped when he sworded out his feelings.
by megnao flimpis July 30, 2003
Way! You're paying for it.
No deals brah, you sat on the curry...you're gonna pay the charges.
by megnao flimpis July 04, 2003
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