4 definitions by mebegebo

A subset of Christianity whose main test of other peoples' piety is where they put their genitals.
The Crotch Christians are protesting gays in the military.
by mebegebo October 22, 2012
Age precisely between infantile and senile incontinence (between snuggies and depends).
Bob refused to date anyone on his side of the diaper meridian.
by mebegebo August 23, 2012
One whose ability for empathy is underdeveloped due to excessive texting, tweeting and updates about themselves.
A metard might bemoan the carnage associated with the various middle eastern conflicts because of the resultant fuel price hikes.
by mebegebo August 31, 2012
The object of desire to a male with a fetish for elderly women.
Dale entered the nursing home, boquet in hand in search of some fine diaper taco.
by mebegebo August 30, 2012

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