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An individual who has sexual intercourse--not simply sexual relations (receiving oral )--with a transvestite. The individual is often straight rather than gay despite common understanding
Dude 1: Bobs a tranny banger.
Dude 2: Liar. Bob has a wife.
Dude 1: He does. But i guess his likes to have some tranny on the side, after work in his truck...
by meangirl August 09, 2007
The sweetest guy, you'll ever meet. Gentle, but passionate. Willing. He will always be there for you no matter what, if he's sleepy he'll still be there. Once he lays his eyes on you that's it, your his, and you will automatically we drawn to him and his muscles. Stevens have great bodies because of a great mass of sport they do. He likes to watch what you are doing, so do not disappoint or things may turn ugly, a man stronger than most, and grips girls with his big arms, and kisses them until they fall to the ground, stunned. Usually fair haired with big dark eyes, great fashion sense. Stevens tend to me caring characters and try their very best to make you feel special. They think highly of themselves infront if the male population, and could get aggressive. The smile is the best thing going for them though, as his jealousy can take controll
Girl: your smile
Steven: eep
by Meangirl February 13, 2013

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