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1.) Something so foul and horrific that no man in sight would dare approach it.

2.) The fullest degree of ugly.
Example 1.) Did you see the face on that chick? She looks absolutely petrocious! Gross!

Example 2.) (Guy 1): Hey, you've got to quit scratching your balls in public man. Thats pretty petrocious. (Guy 2): Sorry, but they are itchy.
by mdk_dl March 25, 2010
1.) To act in a manner that contradicts your gender and or questions your sanity.
2.) To have a strange/bizzare characteristic.
3.) Peter Cockmaster

Pronounced -Fa-mish
Example 1.) Look at that guys shoes lol, they look so fammish. They look like elf shoes.

Example 2.) Hey man, quit acting so fammish. We've got work to do.
by mdk_dl March 24, 2010
1.) A very filthy way of doing something.
Example 1.) Man, last night I went to that new restaurant down the street and I think they served me a hamburger Mitch Style because I feel sick to my stomach.
by mdk_dl March 25, 2010
1.) Square pectorials that resemble something off the Wendy's value meal. Petorials tend to be groomed and tanned with oil but it is not uncommon to find ungroomed and oiled up burger pecs.

Pronounced - Pete-or-ials
Example 1.) Damn, did you see that guy over there? He has some greasy ass petorials. Reminded me of a burger I had the other day.
by mdk_dl March 24, 2010
1.) Faggot Ass Muthafucker - Acronym
2.) To destroy, humiliate or embarrass.

Similar to own or poon
Example 1.) Those guys are a bunch of fams - Insult
Example 2.) Hey, whats up fams? - Greeting
Example 3.) Hey guys, lets go fam the (NAME) clan, they have a few guys on right now.
by mdk_dl March 25, 2010

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