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Yulia Olegovna Volkova, (born 20 February 1985) is one of the members of the Russian duo t.A.T.u., usually known as Julia Volkova. They are notorious for shocking the public and trying to break taboos by performing on stage in only their underwear. Volkova is known for being the "bad girl" of the group. Yulia likes to play tennis and she can play piano and guitar. She is also a classically trained musician. In early 2003, Volkova's voice began to deteriorate, and it was discovered she had developed a vocal fold cyst. Despite reluctance on behalf of the management of t.A.T.u., as surgery would delay any progress with the band, she underwent surgery to remove the cyst in Octobercitation needed, 2003. In May 2004, Volkova announced that she was pregnant and that her long-time boyfriend Pavel (Pasha) Sidorov was the father. She gave birth to her first child, Viktoria Pavlovna Volkova, on September 23, 2004. Volkova split up with Sidorov in spring 2005.(info at wiki)
Yulia Volkova is in a russian duo along with Lena Katina, called t.A.T.u.
by mcr_rox July 24, 2006
Lena Katina was born in Moscow, Russia on October 4, 1984. She is 1 of the two members of the Russian duo called t.A.T.u., In 1994 she joined a famous Russian children's ensemble, "Avenue" she was part of this for three years. But afterwards at the age of 13 she joined the Russian group called "Neposedi", the most popular and prestigious children's chorus at the time. Lena has recorded some songs on her own, such as "Belochka" and "Yugoslavia" and has not made any plans about launching a solo career, eventually. She claims to be Christian; she is not a lesbian, but believes that same-sex relationships are "acceptable", "natural" and "normal".
(wikipedia info.)
Lena katina is in a russian duo along with Yulia Volkova, called t.A.T.u.
by mcr_rox July 24, 2006
Ronald Pederson (born January 8, 1977) is a Canadian comedian and actor, best known for his starring role on the comedy sketch show MADtv, which he was a part from 2002 until 2005. He was let go, much to the anger of several fans. After he left the show, he went on to work on multiple theatre projects. He has often been seen on Canadian television, and he has performed in his hometown of Edmonton in a live improvised soap-opera called Die Nasty. Ron has also been doing comedy sketches for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Pederson joined the cast of MADtv in season 8 (2002-03). At the beginning, he imitated celebrities such as Art Carney, Dick Clark, Mark Steines, and Woody Allen. Then at season 9, he created memorable characters such as ambiguously gay Abercrombie & Fitch model Carpenter, irritable 7 A.M. Condo Report host Clifford Bussley, Grandpa Finkel ("Feuding Parents"), and Aussie salesman Roland Backinson. He also became renowned for his offbeat impersonation of Clay Aiken, which feuled rumors if the American Idol runner-up was gay or not. He also repeated his impersonation of Woody Allen, as well as recurring impressions of Dave Foley in "Celebrity Quarters" sketches and Senator John Edwards during Season 10, which would be his last season.


Carpenter (Abercrombie & Fitch)
Clifford Bussley (7 A.M. Condo Report)
Grandpa Finkel ("Feuding Parents")
Roland Backison ("Verb Alert")

Adam Levine
Andrew Ridgeley (Wham!)
Art Carney
Clay Aiken
Dave Foley
David Hyde Pierce
Dick Clark
Dominic Monaghan
Elijah Wood
Jimmy Fallon
John Edwards
John Gotti
Jon Cryer
Mark Steines
Paul De Lisle (Smash Mouth)
Prince Harry
Saddam Hussein
Ted Allen
Woody Allen
Ron Pederson is an actor from Canada.
by mcr_rox July 27, 2006

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