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to insist that the female stands back against the wall, hands by her side, while the male proceeds to stand across from her (at least 10 feet) and jerk his penis until he sprays her with fluids. In a similar fashion to the execution technique.
Will: "bitch, get against the wall!"
by mcfrato954 March 01, 2010
The act of dragging one's sweaty scrotum across a female's face in an overbearing manner.
Yo I mcdragged all over that girl last night... she got owned
by mcfrato954 December 14, 2009
A common result of a rowdy house party. One rude individual defecates on the toilet seat and proceeds to flatten the terd with the toilet cover resulting in something similar to the delicious hazelnut spread in between two Wonderbread slices.
Cory: Yo! What's on your pants bitch??
Jackie: huh?
Cory: did you just come from the bathroom?
Jackie: yeaah why?
Cory: You sat in my nutella sandwich! hahahaha
by mcfrato954 March 11, 2010
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