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An uncommon disease that affects the anal cavity. Known also in the medical feild as Brittonthornitus. Symptoms often include anal leakage, large anal warts, bloody stools, swelling in the rectum, and in some rare cases, males inflicted with Britton experience extreme shrinkage of the penis. The most common cause for Britton is an over abundance of anal sexual activity.
I feel bad for Julio, he got Britton from having to much ass sex w/ Lee.
by mcface July 23, 2006
One who is addicted to maturbating while viewing pornography. The addict is often aroused by unusual fetishes, up to and including urination, diaper wearing, scat play, feet, semen drinking, cross dressing, dildo play, horse sex, trampoline sex, nude surfing, testicle shaving, fisting, nude banking, the asshole finger fuck 'n lick, snow balling, beef boiling, s&m, role playing, food sex, and incest.
Lee: Hey Joe, wanna urinate on each other while jumping on my trampoline and fingering each other's assholes then licking them?

Joe: Sure! Hey, can we take a giant dump on the trampoline before jumping on it?

Lee: Of coarse we can. First let me just take off these diapers of mine and shave my testicles. I want my balls as smooth as silk because on Tuesday I'm going nude banking and surfing.

Joe: Cool. And hey afterwards can I have sex w/ that horse over there while you have sex w/ your sisters feet?

Lee: Way ahead of ya!


Joe: Man, we are such a couple of brittons.

Lee: You know it!
by mcface July 23, 2006
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