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a nut tangler who inadverdently bungles twats, ie, a cockblocker
Jim: Damnit, Kellen is such a twat bungler!
Tim: Thanks to him, I've been twat-free for a week.
by mcdizzy March 24, 2007
A smelly bunch of malcontent teenagers and/or college kids wearing sweaty, ass-scented wool and polyester uniforms running around a football field in silly, often phallic formations, tooting horns and making stupid jokes about fingerings and positions. No one thats anyone likes marching band, and anyone that says they do doesn't have a life.
When in the marching band of Nathan Bedford Forrest High, George W. Bush did lines of coke off the slutty colorguard girls' asses.
by mcdizzy March 24, 2007

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