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Adderall, especially when used by college students as a recreational drug or a study aid. See also vitamin r.
He took some vitamin a and studied all night for that history exam.
by mb March 09, 2004
1) A breakfast sandwich from Burger King with egg, cheese, sausage, bacon, and ham. In other words, a heart attack on a bun.

2) Someone who has a lot of man-meat.
According to his girlfriend, Andrew is meatnormous.

I was too lazy to drive to BK, so I killed a pig and used the entire thing to make my own meatnormous sandwich.
by MB October 02, 2005
A Pimp.
What a fucking nostromo!
by MB August 10, 2003
The breath-taking event that occurs on the chest of a woman when wearing a tightened seatbelt. Usually enhanced by a tight-fitting shirt and large breasts.
That hottie in the Infiniti has great separation (dot com).
by MB February 09, 2005
A guy is banging a girl from behind, with a dip in his mouth, spitting into the crevice in her lower back while having sex. He pulls out, rubs his tip in the dip spit, and reinserts. Alas, the spicy cajun dipstick.
Rex was banging his girl the other day and gave her a cajun dipstick.
by MB April 13, 2005
phoenixpalooza is an event by which people drive to phoenix az to drink lots of alcohol, shoot guns, and fall asleep on the floor with orgasmo on in the background for at least the 7th time.
I will attend Phoenixpalooza on Dec. 3rd.
by MB October 20, 2004
1. Adj. 'Totally obliterated'

2. Transitive Verb. to go Osama, turn against your friends. Declare a holy war on a person, thing, or place.
1.) Your friends house was totally osamaed after the party.

2.) The man went osama at the post office luncheon, and started punching everyone.
by MB March 30, 2004

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