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If you listen to parliament..you have indeed been funkified
also, used as slang for that fire shit...yo i go that funk son!!!
by mb March 03, 2005
Good friends who fornicate together w/ out a commitment to one another
David and I are friendicators.
by MB March 29, 2005
To offer sex willingly
After Jimmy took his date to dinner, dancing and a late night latte, he knew his date would break him off some for his effort.

She felt obligated to break him off some after he dropped by and took her kids out to the park and movies.
by mb April 22, 2004
wasted, shitfaced
Man, I was so troughed at Sonya's party last night.
by mb November 13, 2003
hanging outside a club or party after it ends to spit to the girls
I don't want to go inside, let's do this parking-lot pimpin' dog.
by MB April 29, 2003
A person whos sole purpose is to wobble flumps
I am a flumpwobbler
He/ she is a flumpwobbler
by mb September 09, 2004
The Bunny that's obsessed with Fujii. She's known to glomp random strangers and say I love you to anyone. Likes yaoi, jrock, and lime tic tacs.
"Bun Buns just doesn't realize Fujii bookas goats.."
by MB January 18, 2003

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