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To acccept a unfavorable outcome to a situation.
Mainly used when someone is acting unreasonably to a bad situation "man... just cop it sweet". Has also been extended by some Sourthern Sydney Cultures to "cop it sweet on the back foot"
by MAz October 28, 2003
plastic bag
fo' shizzle on tha plastizzle bizzle
by Maz May 25, 2003
A notorious Starwars Galaxies Rifleman with an extensive background in the deadly art of Combat Medicine, Oleh Tehseat is one of the most dangerous foes in the galaxy.

When facing Oleh Tehseat, professional knowledge of poison/disease curing is recommended as well as sturdy helmet with a strong defense against rifle headshots.
"how did you poison me? i was 300 metres away?!"
by maz July 02, 2004
when somethings really hanous, its well annoying to deal with or its someone whos really hanous and annoying!
God my mum was well hanous last night questioning me and being on my case or i was given a well hanous job to do at work.
by Maz August 31, 2004
stubblicious pedophile that hangs arounf metal rides waiting for maz
shazom shazom shazom raaah
by maz August 13, 2004
som1 who fucks animals insult
your a bestafile
by maz January 05, 2004
when someone farts into their hand and then quickly puts it over another persons nose!!
(After doing it) 'Ha ha! You got ducked mate!!!'
by Maz August 27, 2004

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