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Pertaining to the protruberance of the penis whilst engorged with blood. A euphamism for an erection.
Hey Scott, why did you walk up to the chalkboard sideways? Um, let's just say that at the time I was vertically glad and didn't feel like being the butt of a bunch of boner jokes.
by mayonasio October 11, 2014
the art of busting ass in your office cubicle to the point where people walking by on the other side can detect it but aren't quite sure which cube it comes from. any person entering the cube takes no more than 1 step inside the boundary before mentioning the stench.
hey marty, i was just walking through finance and someone was doing some serious cube dusting up in there, not sure who gets the credit but it was an impressive stench.
by mayonasio September 24, 2009

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