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MEN-DEZ is a stud. The best of the best. The funniest of the funniest. Someone who makes anyone and everyone smile and laugh with insane quirks and sarcastic comments. Can get all the ladies AND men because of this high status.
Hey, who was that?

Ohhhh HIM??? ....oh he's a MEN-DEZ!! (sigh) Totally rocks my world when I get the chance to talk to him

Girl! you kno a MEN-DEZ?! soo jealous.
by Mayca October 20, 2010
ITCHY TEXTING SYNDROME: The inability to text someone due to a situation where texting isn't appropriate or not allowed. Causing fingers to itch from wanting to text someone or send back a response.
Honey, put your phone away. It's dinner time not texting time.

Aww, mom! but it's important that I text my friend back! gggrrrrrrrr. Hurry and get me my food! (hands get all twitchy, fidgety) I can already feel the effects of ITS!!
by Mayca October 20, 2010
FACEBOOK FREAK. A person who thinks, breathes, and lives to status and comment on anything and everything that IS facebook. Everytime they check the computer this person will be sure to check their facebook.
Me: Hey man, wuchuu doin??

Manuel: Err nuthing, nuthing.

Me: Freak! u be FBF'in!

Manuel: it's not like you don't do it!

by mayca October 14, 2010

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