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a pic of a celebrity, usually female or a starlet, looking so ugly it's criminal.

can be because of lack of makeup and studio lighting in a candid shot, or plastic surgery disasters and looking anorexic.
omg did u c the latest celebrity ugshot of LiLo on perez hilton?
by mayasd October 11, 2009
Quit Being A Fag, an abbreviation specifically for use in sms and texting. Also useful in IM's. Usually invoked in response to unwarranted bitching.
Jake (texts): where r u guys im at the bar waiting 4evr!1

Tyler (texts): QBAF we r pullin up now
by mayasd May 28, 2008
A situation of unusual tension where two people are fooling around but are unwilling to give their interactions a name. There are no expectations and no ground rules, and no one knows where they stand, but it's a safe bet that they're textually active and they probably see each other twice every three weeks and have pretty hot hookups.

When something's going on, but it's not dating, and it's not a booty call, it's not a serious relationship, it's not hooking up, and it's not friends with benefits... what you've got on your hands is a nonrelationship.
Chick1: Paul texted me Thursday to party at his place Saturday night. I think I'll spend the night.
Chick2: Cool, so you're into him?
Chick1: Yeah, kinda.
Chick2: Is it going anywhere?
Chick1: Not really, but I want to consummate our nonrelationship.
by mayasd November 04, 2008

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