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It means Dog...in Serbian!
Ti si pas.
Your a dog.
by MAYA April 24, 2005
Mom that suffers from bipolar disorder and doesnt know it, so she takes her pain on her children!
RARWR DIE MAYA!- Larisa Avg.
by Maya February 19, 2005
hott ass mofo with a big dick
dammnnnn look at that sanek
by maya March 07, 2004
1. a video clip of e-hoz playin' with themselves
2. n00dz on film.
send v1dz plz
by maya April 08, 2003
to have sex
"I banged him last night."
"Where's Barbie and Ken?"
"They're upstairs bangin."
"Where were you last night?"
"Bangin yo mom"
by Maya November 25, 2003
anything purporting to Andrew Marr; incredibly hard working political editor for BBC who works tirelessly for the British public.
"I'm having a marr of a day" (ie an incredibly long hard day)

"I've just had about a Marr ful of this"

"You're Marrvelous"
by Maya December 08, 2003
a word meaning okay;also used for crackhead
maya:do you wanna go to the mall?
by maya April 04, 2003
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