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12 definitions by may

what the goverment is doing to us. Techniques of brainwashing ur t.v sets, school and mags.
kid: Why does the govrment do anything it wants?

Teacher: stop fucking asking questions
by may May 29, 2004
1. the most wonderful nickname that could be given

2. The most wonderful thing to hear whispered
I love you, MayMay
by May June 03, 2004
A handheld gaming system.
An upgrade to the previous GameBoy Advance.
Features a back-light,
rechargable battery,
32-megabit,I believe,processer,
incredible graphics,
a massive library of games(library spans 8 years),
8 buttons,
volume control,
light switch,
and the games can easily be switched.
An attachment can be purchased so it can hold 4 games at one.
One of the best hand-helds to date.
Me:I just bought a GBASP.
Friend:Cool.I just bought one too!
by May March 27, 2004
cool. or awesome. maybe even cold. like the weather. it's another word for cool. in all ways.
She is so mukti. or the weather is mukti outside. or i am so mukti
by May January 22, 2005
Sega's version of Nintendo's Game boy.
A good idea,
only horribly executed and with more
colour blur than an acid trip.
Sega GameGear.
by May March 22, 2004
act of kiasu where one is afraid of losing out to others.
kiasuism is common is singapore.
by May July 21, 2004
adj., n.: short for retardation. connotation of being absurd, silly, or ridiculous.
Background: Derives from a sentence uttered in Cody Banks: "My name is Banks, Cody Banks"---- "My name is ation, Retard Ation."
A: "I can't go to the show with you because I got grounded."
B: "Ation! That sucks...."
by May November 23, 2004