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3 definitions by maxter723

To rapidly fire weapons in all directions with no regard for the safety of others. Also see spray and pray.
Bro 1: He dude remember last night on Xbox live when you went into that room gats blaring and killed all those Nazi's?

Bro 2: Ya dude that was freakin' sweet
by Maxter723 December 01, 2008
When something beyond amazing. A combination of the words stupendous and wonderful.
Guy 1: So how was last night with Lexi?

Guy 2: Ah Man! it was stupenderful!
by maxter723 March 01, 2009
The pathetic display a white teenage male produces when asked about sexual relations. He preforms this before explaining his sexual exploits to a friend or co-worker.
Dude 1: So what happened between you and Rachel last night?

Dude 2: (white guy's lip-bite) ohhhh! stuff went down!
by maxter723 March 01, 2009