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3 definitions by maxor_gan

A very popular Sarawakian Chinese slang (A region in the Borneo) to express "what the hell", "OMG", "gosh" or something else similar.

Once you hear someone else called out "ngaiti" you could directly conclude that they are the Sarawak people.
Ngaiti! Its alreasy 12am and you're still eating!!!
by maxor_gan May 30, 2011
A form of Manglish (Colloquial Malaysian English), which is a short term word for "go-astern", or reverse. Normally expressed when you are driving a car.
My dad gostand and bang the lamp pole.
by maxor_gan May 31, 2011
Double o0o. Means "double fuck you" by showing two middle fingers, at the same time giving a "sweat" expression. Very popular in online game's chatting.
o0o(=.=)o0o. I would not gonna lose..
by maxor_gan May 30, 2011