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when "the man" turns something that was originaly ethnic (which is basicly everything) into something completely "cracker"or white another definition is when an ethnic person "sells out" or becomes white
crackerizedd things
tiger woods
head bands
airforce 1's
by max sidhu October 06, 2005
jeeznats is a word that you find extremely funny when you are under the influence of marijuana. it's definition is as follows:
the real name for jesus, since he was black. the europeans changed his name to jesus when they "crackerized" crhistianity.his original last name was:
juice, Jeeznats juice
man if i my baby's momma has another fucking kid im'on kill it!
i sware to jeeznats!
by max sidhu October 06, 2005
the hinju is a rare breed of human found mostly in canada(because they got every fukin race up there!) it is a cross between a person of hindu ancestry and jewish ancestry. they hav also been reffered to as jindu's or...
"cheap ass mutherfukaz"
(also look for chindu)
"shut up you hinju!"
if your a jew go engage in intercourse with a hindu and you'll find out
or visaversa if your hindu
by max sidhu October 06, 2005

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