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The snake-like Goa'uld parasites that forcibly take human hosts, and possess a thirst for power and worship. They have enslaved countless worlds, using their inhabitants as hosts, soldiers, miners, and personal slaves.
Shit theres a Goa'uld symbiote inside me get it out!
by Max Hardcore November 30, 2004
A form of deep meditation, which Jaffa are required to perform on a regular basis in order to survive. During Kelnorim, both Jaffa and symbiote are as one being, giving the symbiote, if needed, the instructions it needs to repair injuries or illness in the body.
teal'c went into a state of kelnorim
by Max Hardcore November 30, 2004
1. Goa'uld term for a larval Goa'uld symbiote.

2. The ceremony in which a young Jaffa, upon reaching the Age of Prata, is implanted with his or her first larval symbiote. The ceremony creates a pouch for the symbiote in the Jaffa's abdomen. Upon reaching this age, a Jaffa child's normal immune system begins to fail due to the Goa'uld's genetic manipulation of their race, and the child must take a symbiote in order to survive.
1. teal'c has a prim'tah inside him

2. young teal'c underwent the horrible prim'tah ceremony
by Max Hardcore November 30, 2004
A cool way of spelling semen.
the hooker eagerly accepted my saemen on her face
by max hardcore January 02, 2005
Chinese gambling game using 3 dice.
all the chinese guys play sic bo in atlantic city
by max hardcore December 01, 2004
the president on stargate sg-1
general hammond called his friend president hayes
by Max Hardcore November 30, 2004
Jaffa term equivalent to puberty, a time at which the ceremony of implantation occurs and a young Jaffa receives his or her first prim'tah (larval Goa'uld symbiote). If one is not given, the child will die, as many Jaffa groups have been genetically engineered to become dependent on symbiotes.
when teal'c reached the age of prata, he underwent the prim'tah ceremony
by Max Hardcore November 30, 2004

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