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v. 1, To remove the filter between one’s personal thoughts and speech, resulting in free indirect discourse.
2. to give a watch to another person for any reason.
1. "What the hell am I doing, I was supposed to turn left on Ponce, man I need to lose weight"

"What ARE you talking about?"

"Pardon me, I tend to faulkner when I'm driving."
2. "Son, I want you to have this watch.."

"Not that I remember time but that I forget it now and then...Seriously dad, if you are going to faulkner, at least be original."
by mattpie March 13, 2012
adj. A word one uses to mask his or her ignorance of concrete facts on a given subject. Usually confined to universities and government institutions, sociocultural is is a shortened way of saying, "Don't ask me for the particulars, I went to college for a longer period of time than you did." The word has gained increasing use in liberal arts programs due to its ability to increase the grades of a term paper by 10 points.
"If this program failed 10 years ago, why should we consider trying it again?"

"Well, you see, the sociocultural aspects...(enter illogical argument here)"
by mattpie March 13, 2012

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