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A small Pennsylvania town, Populace consisting of Fat, toothless retards. Child molestors,Crack heads,Herion users,and some of the worlds most disqusting hookers. You can find these fine grade "A" palmerton whores on any street corner. and you may wonder where all the men in this town are. Well we found that these fat toothless fagots hide out in a place called the cock haus at the edge of town and suck each others dicks till their throts have formed blisters.And if you graduated from the "300 pound" club of slatington/walnutport.you'll love the "400 club" here.
Bobby cried himself to sleep at night because he lived in Slatington, So he moved to Palmerton, Within one week he placed a .45 beneth his head to end it all.
by mattmatt March 23, 2008
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