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A song by Daft Punk used to infer the radical evolutionary change society has taken towards a more technological world... Technologic, the technology and industrial logic behind the technology (Derrived from technological)
What, you havn't looked at our technologic society these days?

Mobile phones have become part of our technological civilization
by Matthew1471 August 22, 2006
Acronym for "Power On Self Test", The term is used to define the sequence your computer initiates when turned on.. checking the ram and available drives.. etc

It's before you see the Windows or Linux screen
<Derek> My Computer's screwed
<AndyRoo> Does it complete the POST?
by Matthew1471 November 13, 2004
Collymore: to arrogantly and aggressively drown out the opposing view in an argument by droning on and ruddy on in a brummie accent.

Taken from "Charlie Brookers Screenwipe" Season 3 Episode 3 about "Stan Collymore" on "The Verdict" TV show.
If he proposes it i'll Collymore that!
by Matthew1471 January 12, 2008
Phonetic bastardisation for "Fair Enough"
<AndyRoo> So I went out clubbing last night but it wasn't good because they never played "I'm a raver"
<Matthew1471> Fairy nuff
by Matthew1471 November 13, 2004
A playful (and factual) way of suggesting someone/something is old and not getting any younger.
"Not Young? She's terminally old!"
by Matthew1471 April 10, 2009
When something fails in an epic way. See Heathrow Airport.
"Come on baggage carousel, don't terminal 5 on me"
by Matthew1471 April 14, 2008
The degree of "the quality of being dateable" that one possesses.

How attractive that person is to their desired sex.

i.e. How likely a third party would want to date that person.
<Matthew> Sure she's hot, but her high dateability is questionable when you start to know of her outlandish obsessions.


<CharlesLivingston> Listing "computing" as your main interests on Facebook negatively affects your dateability!
by Matthew1471 March 16, 2008
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