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Brookers is the funniest girl on youtube.
She is always dancing and she likes to eat paste.
Did you see the new video from Brookers on youtube.
by e cartman October 07, 2006
The very 1st Brookers lived in Bham, AL she started the name and since then people have followed in her glory.

To bear the name Brookers, you have to be intelligent, funny, hot and not take shit from anyone! So go out there and make her proud!!
Other names she may be known as:

"Brookers the great"
by Fendii October 10, 2008
A Brooker is the coolest, funniest, sexiest, most amazing, person you'll ever meet.
I love my Brooker, he's the best, and totally hot in the sack.
by Mermy July 26, 2009
A bro who often hangs out with a female who is a hooker. Note that the female in question does not need to be a literal "pay for sex" hooker. She simply needs to be an undesirable woman for whatever reason.
"Dude, she is a total hooker. Don't be a brooker."
by Brodog McBuddyman July 08, 2012
A poor white, or redneck that lives in Zimbabwe. So named due to their fondess of the DonnyBrook race track where activities such as drag racing are common place. The Zimbabwean equivalnet of a South African "pleb", an English "Chav" or an Australian "bogan".
Jeez bru did you guys see those brookers driving their Datsun 120 Y through Hatfield?

That brooker was rigging his fox t-shirt when he came up and tried to steal my wallet at Bowlers on Friday night.

There is no way I am going to Charara at New Years, it will be full of Brookers
by JustinJoying November 15, 2009
Brooker a brooker is the name you are called by the police in Honeybrook or the name used in a police report after a crime
Brooker put your hands behind your back
by Shane vogt April 22, 2006
Brooker is the common phrased used at high school for a girl who is a complete waste of space. Not to mention a whore whom nobody likes or shares intersts with. She can also be refered to as incredibly domineering.
Oh My God I hate Brooker!
by OiOiMississippi August 29, 2008
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