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23 definitions by matthew pryce

One who allows ejaculation into the mouth and proceeds to swallow the load.
Janie sucked my dick something proper last night, and hell yeah, when I came, she was a swallower.
by Matthew Pryce January 20, 2004
329 111
A silly rhythmically challenged dance done only by stupid gel-headed ginzos while contemplating rape at clubs.
Did you see that scumbag jiggling the Jersey Fist-Pump?
by Matthew Pryce August 06, 2006
53 21
Striking out five times in one baseball game.
Arod might be taking a platinum sombrero tonight, he's got four Ks and it's only the seventh inning.
by Matthew Pryce July 22, 2006
32 6
To engage in intercourse with the obese.
Man, that kid'll bone anybody. You see that pig he was with last night, he sure was going hoggin'!!!!
by Matthew Pryce July 10, 2006
28 11
When one feels the urge to relieve their stretched bladders, but doesn't want to refer to the bathroom in such a reverant method, use pisshouse. It is uncouth.
Man, I gotta tinkle---where's the pisshouse?
by Matthew Pryce May 14, 2006
11 1
Striking out swinging.
Rich Monteleone was on tonight, all the opposing batters were whiffing.
by Matthew Pryce July 22, 2006
12 4
Fella who cums after but one stroke of the cock.
Johnny 2 is a one stroke joke.
by Matthew Pryce February 07, 2004
11 5